eShifter Kart Racing Stock Honda CR125 Engine, '99 or '01

125 Shifter Kart - Power By eShifter Stock Honda 99 CR125 Engine
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  • Item #: ESK99

eShifter Kart Racing '99 Stock Honda engine. This 99 CR125 6 speed transmission Honda motor is built from a kit from Honda HPD. We are experienced with the 99 stock Honda engine program and feel this motor is, and continues to be, the backbone of karting in the US. This engine is provided to our customers as a base package, solid platform, that you can build on as your budget allows. 

eShifter Kart Racing assembled stock '99 CR125 engine includes a 6 speed transmission, OEM ignition system, OEM CDI box, and OEM coil, OEM Reeds and Cage, eshifter installed, blended o-ring power valve stuffers, Rear coil mount, Stator cover, O-ring exhaust manifold and a kick starter plug.

Kit engine does not include exhaust system, carburetor, fuel pump, engine mount, or any other accessories not listed above.

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Price $2,895.00

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