eShifter Kart Racing SKUSA Spec Honda Engine - '99 or '01

eShifter Kart Racing '99 SKUSA Spec Honda Engine
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  • Item #: ESK99-SPEC

eShifter Kart Racing '99 Stock Honda SKUSA Engine Package. This 99 CR125 6 speed transmission Honda motor is built from a kit from Honda HPD. This engine package is our full race prepped engine built with our exact specifications including:

Hand fit, matched and blended o-ring power valve plugs, Slip fit crankshaft and trued rod, spot faced cylinder base, kick start plug, actuator plug, drilled and tapped pulse line fitting on right or left side depending on fuel system, Swedetech Stock Honda Reeds.

The additional parts in this engine package include: OEM ignition system, OEM CDI box, and OEM coil, OEM Cage, SKUSA timing plate, Stator and Flywheel cover, Case protection, Rear coil mount, eShifter Kart CDI mount, SKUSA SK-1 Pipe with aluminum mount, 12 or 14 inch Pro Circuit silencer with mount, Exhaust pipe to silencer boot, Pipe and Silencer ani-vibration exhaust springs, O-ring exhaust manifold, Your choice of light weight front sprocket, J-Arm lever, Quality aluminum motor mount and clamps, Keihin PWM Carburetor, eShifter Kart 7" Air Filter and a NGK BR10EIX Spark plug.

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Price $4,385.00

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