The Original DeepSeat in Sizes 12 - 18

The Original DeepSeat in Sizes 12 - 18
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DeepSeat kart seats are specifically designed, tested, and built, to provide the racer with a comfortable, safe, and fast ride.  The Genesis line of fiberglass seats has been keeping you in the game since 1999.  A rib protecting design that wraps around the racers chest area helps distribute the harsh forces across a larger area of your body.  This helps protect your mid section and keeps you more comfortable and focused on the task at hand, winning races.  Many racers who are already battling injured ribs have turned to a DeepSeat to keep them racing.

Larger drivers will also appreciate the ability to mount the seat lower and further back, due to its larger sidewalls.

Removable trim allows the seat to be cut to fit you even better.  Simply slide the trim off, cut the seat to your liking with a jig saw or other fine toothed blade, file the edges smooth, and reinstall the trim.  A little super glue will keep the trim permanently attached. 

  • DeepSeats are available in sizes 12 through 18” measured across the back, beneath the arms.

Standard finish is black fiberglass.


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