Ryger 125cc Revo Clean 1 KZ Engine Package

Ryger 125cc Revo Clean 1 KZ Engine Package
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The Ryger Revo Clean 1 runs on normal race fuel instead of a mixture of fuel with 2-stroke oil. Of course this already causes the first big advantage of having a much cleaner emission compared to the traditional 2-stroke engines. Due to an ingenious design of the cylinder in combination with the piston and a bottom plate there is no fuel mixture in the crankcase but the fuel will only come underneath the piston where it is compressed and then being released on top of the piston after which ignition takes place. With the Ryger Revo Clean 1 all the bearings run through the lubricant which is present in the crankcase and the piston is being lubricated via condensed lubrication. Also the gudgeon pin is being lubricated via condensed lubrication. This has resulted in a high degree of durability of the Ryger Revo Clean 1.

The first production engines were built on the Ryger Concept of engines designed for the Kart Racing Motor Sport. The main reason for choosing the Kart is that this is “the playground” of almost every Motor Sport. You will hardly find any driver for instance in IndyCar or Formula 1 who did not start his/her career in the Kart Sport.

The 125cc Ryger Revo Clean 1 engine is an extreme engine compared to the 125cc & 175cc 2-stroke engines that are being used now in the kart competitions. All the advantages of the Ryger Revo Clean 1 will help to get the best performance on a kart circuit. Due to the extreme output, the Ryger Revo Clean 1 is the strongest engine available in the 125cc & 175cc categories. But besides it’s power, characteristics like durability, low fuel consumption, low maintenance cost and clean emission will make the Ryger Revo Clean 1 into “the most wanted engine” in the 2-stroke category!

As a result of the high power output in combination with high RPM’s and to improve the durability of the Engine, Ryger has developed together with lubricants specialist Kroon-Oil a special engine oil as well as a special gear oil for the Ryger Revo Clean 1. This oil will allow for the engines to have little variance in wear during usage. Ryger engine Kroon-Oil must be used in combination of our warranty from the factory. 

Accessories include exhaust system, carb, silencer and motor mount. Optional specialized Ryger USA factory prepared engine.

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