ROK Shifter Kart Engine Kit, New-Line Radiator, Swedetech

ROK Shifter Kart Engine Kit, New-Line Radiator, Swedetech
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  • Item #: Rok Kit

The engine has the following features:
Single-cylinder 2 stroke engine with 6-speed gearbox with front clutch system, displacement 125 cc, reed valve intake in the crankcase. Liquid-cooled through external pump (not supplied in the kit).

***Complete package kit with Dell'Orto VHSH 30mm carburettor, Dell'Orto fuel pump, 30mm intake silencer, moulded exhaust and exhaust silencer, eShifter Kart radiator deflector, Motor Mount clamps, Green MRC Hose kit (trim to fit), Rolled hose clamps, New-line RS radiator, Blue RS Curtain, Green bottle kit, New-Line water pump and gear driven belt.

Engine Specs:

  • Single-cylinder 2 stroke engine with six-speed gearbox
  • Displacement 125 cc
  • Reed valve intake in the crankcase
  • Liquid-cooled through external pump
  • Push-to-start system
  • Mixture-lubricated
  • PVL analogic ignition
  • Dry clutch
  • Dell’Orto VHSH 30mm carburettor
  • Arrow intake silencer
  • Dell’Orto fuel pump
  • Bore and stroke 54x54.5mm
  • Cast iron made cylinder
  • 5/3 transfer ducts intake
  • Oval exhaust and 2 boosters
  • 43HP at 13.900 Rpm
  • Max 14.000 Rpm
  • Shifter Rok moulded exhaust
  • Exhaust silencer
  • Front clutch gearbox system
  • Radial bearing C4

Click here for ROK Tech Spec Sheet

Click here for Rok Shifter Engine Manual

SwedeTech Prepared engine with Dyno:

  • Labor to inspect internals of engine including crank run out and piston clearance
  • Labor to pressure check engine for damaged seals or gaskets
  • Labor to set engine up to optimum performance specs within stated rule structure
  • Labor to R&R Carburetor, install jetting for rules compliancy, set up proper vent line configuration
  • Modify OE Vortex engine mount to fit 30mm and 32mm chassis with either 90mm or 92mm spacing
  • Modify OE Vortex engine mount to utilize single bolt butterly clamps
  • Install hardware to include Tech Seal Nuts, Tech seal bolt, and clutch arm clevis assembly
  • Mount fuel pump
  • Install fuel pump pulse line and fuel lines from pump to carburetor
  • Pack Silencer with Long Lasting Packing Material

 Note: Please allow 10 business days for Swedetech to complete labor option.



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Price $5,375.00

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