New! 2019 CKR Barracuda 'Project Chrome Cuda' Swedetech Honda

New! 2019 CKR Barracuda 'Project Chrome Cuda' Swedetech Honda
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Project Chrome Cuda is a brand new 2019 CKR chassis combined with a 2001 Swedetech Honda CR125. The engine is top level from their lease stable. Engine was gone through at Swedetech in November and has only had part of SuperNats on the bottom. New fresh top end with only break-in. Very strong engine. Engine is a former SuperNats champion engine. Engine is verifiable with Swedetech. Call James for engine details.

This kart has all the best! Sold as turn-key Shifter Kart, MyChron 5, Polished!!! New-Line BIG Radiator, Blue Mount Kit, Blue Hose Kit, Evinco Tires, Frame Protection. VEN11 Iron brakes, NEW IMAF H7 Modular seat size 4, Rear disc protection, IMAF Chain guard, eShifter accel cable pedal mount, Soft accelerator cable, eShifter clutch cable, New-line radiator polished deflector, Ceramic chrome SKUSA pipe, RX3800 Air filter, Aluminum 50mm sprocket 26, 16t Light Weight counter sprocket, magnesium hubs, Douglas LV Wheels.

Built completely new! Looking for a top level chassis and engine package this is it!

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