IAME X30 Super Shifter 175cc, Engine Package

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Welcome to the Neck Snapping 49 HP IAME Super Shifter! This dry clutch ICC engine is made for one thing, seat ripping power. Kit includes electronics, mount, pipe and carburetor. We have developed new reeds for optimal performance and longevity. We recommend the N.S1 M/C Racing Exhaust silencer with this package.


Technical Specifications:

    Class: 175cc Shifter
    Description: Single cylinder – 2 stroke
    Bore: ø 63,92 mm
    Max Bore: ø 64,04 mm
    Stroke: 54,40 mm
    Displacement: 174,56cc (max. 175,5cc)
    Inlet system: Reed valve, eShifter Kart reeds
    Lubrication: 4% oil mixture
    Ignition system: Digital with battery charger
    Transmission: 6 speed gearbox/6+6 discs dry clutch
    Cooling system: Water cooled
    Starter: On board electric starter
    Carb. Model: Dell'Orto VHSB 36 RD
    Max Power: 49 HP at 13.000
    Max Torque: 27.00 Nm at 12.500 rpm
    Max Rpm limit: 14.500 rpm (rpm limiter)

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