Fresh '99 Spec Stock Honda CR125 Engine, Cast 11 Cyl **SOLD**

Fresh SwedeTech '99 Spec Stock Honda CR125 Engine, Cast 11 Cyl
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  • Item #: SWT99

Fresh '99 Spec Stock Honda CR125 Engine with a rare Cast 11 Cylinder!!

New Spec Piston, Pin, Bearing and Ring. Break in time only. Cylinder and head look new. New SKUSA pipe, SwedeTech Pro Circuit silencer, SwedeTech Stock Honda Reeds with stiffners, SwedeTech GFS, Keihin PWM Carburetor, New Pipe and Silencer mounts, New seals, SKUSA timing plate, O-ring manifold, New Anti-vibration springs, SwedeTech Aluminum motor mount with 32x92 clamps, SwedeTech Rear coil mount and other accesories pictured. This engine was in storage and purchased by us, we have not confirmed the original builder as SwedeTech although the engine looks very good. Hard to find pristine cylinders of the 2011 casting year.

Complete engine package Ready for your shifter kart! We strongly recommend the purchase of an engine crate for shipping.

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Price $3,650.00
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