Debei Motori EXIGO KZ Shifter Kart Engine Factory Package

Used Debei Motori EXIGO KZ Shifter Kart Engine Package
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We have good used factory prep engines available. Engies are fresh and have only been on dyno. Complete with new carburetor, pipe and MC Silencer.

ExiGo Evo, the latest creation from Debei.

Innovations: Crankcase and transmission section made from a fully CNC aluminium alloy, cylinder inclination at 13°, new gearbox ratios, optimized exhaust pipe for low end. Fully Race Ready Motor, Winner right out of the box. New cylinder heads provide more power rated at 47.5. This is a top contender in Italy and Europe. No need for expensive aftermarket work as with other motors. Bolt it on, and take the lead!



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