CKR HammerHead KZ Shifter Kart Chassis, 30/32mm

CKR HammerHead KZ Shifter Kart Chassis, 30/32mm
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  • Item #: CKR.10210

HammerHead has more traditional geometry and a mix of 30-32mm diameter tubes offering the ability to slide more which is an ideal characteristic for single speed KF categories. A very smooth and precise framework to allow for transition in entering corners without unbalancing the grip of the rear brake.

Available With Iron or Ceramic Brakes.

  • 20/CH/17
  • 30/32mm Tubes
  • VEN 11 Braking System
  • 50mm Axle - Medium
  • 8.5lt KZ Fuel Tank
  • 132 / 212 Magnesium Wheels
  • Resin Seat
  • Wheel Base 1052
  • Rear Width 650
  • Front Width 715
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