'16 CKR SG3 Duralcan, SwedeTech Honda, **SOLD**

'16 CKR SG3 Duralcan, SwedeTech Honda, Shifter Kart, MyChron 5
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'16 CKR SG3 Duralcan, SwedeTech Honda, Shifter Kart, MyChron 5, AF.2 Radiator, MRC Hose Kit, MG Tires, Steel Frame Protection

This is an eShifter Kart prepared CKR SG3 32mm Chassis. Less the 3 hours of use on the chassis. Four races on the chassis total. Highly sought after ’13 casting 01 Honda cylinder, we happen to have two karts with them and this is one! Engine was installed new for break-in before SuperNats and has one race!

The seat, engine, brake pads, MyChron 5, CR125 Engine and all engine components including: sprockets, chain, hose kit, motor mout, pipe, silencer, GFS, are all 1 race old plus break-in time on the Brand New engine. The frame is protected by the best plates on the market and rear disc protection. The ceramic VEN05 brake rotors are just broken in. Everything on the chassis was installed new.

This is a great opportunity to purchase a CKR Chassis. As seen on TV at SKUSA Pro Tour and all around the world these karts perform at the top level.

The kart is 100% ready to race:

  • Steel Frame protection

  • Bright Green MRC Hose Kit

  • AF Radiator with KG Bottle

  • Upgraded Thick Leather Suede Steering wheel

  • Mychron 5 with H20 Fitting

  • DID 428 Chain

  • Swift Aluminum Sprocket 25T

  • Rear Frame Protection

  • IMAF Silver Size 2 Seat

  • eShifter Kart Pedal mounted accel cable holder

  • WildKart billet aluminum clutch lever and steering hub

  • eShifter Kart clutch cable

  • Soft accel cable and housing

  • Clear fuel lines for GFS Stock Honda

  • CKR Foot support bar

  • MG tires with Douglas Wheels

The entire bodywork can be replaced with a brand new black set of NA2 and new CKR graphics kit for you to install for an additional 300.00. We will include a new front bumper and graphic with the sale. Has a crinkle in pedal mount. Rear bumper additional 100.00

01 SwedeTech engine - Includes Parts: GFS, SwedeTech Reeds, SwedeTech Manifold, Exhaust Mounts, SwedeTech Motor Mount, SKUSA Pipe, SwedeTech 12 Inch Silencer, Keihin PWM Carb, K&N RX-3800 Filter, NGK Race Plug, NGK Race (blue) boot, Exhaust springs, SwedeTech J-Arm, SwedeTech Case Saver, SwedeTech Rear Coil Mount, SwedeTech Stator cover. This motor ripps!

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