SwedeTech '01 Stock Honda CR125 Package - Complete

SwedeTech Built '01 Honda CR125 Package - Complete
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  • Item #: 01SWTSNATS

Complete SwedeTech Built '01 Honda CR125. Fresh top end kit with one race. Bottom end has 8 hours. Includes Parts: GFS, SwedeTech Reeds, SwedeTech Manifold, Exhaust Mounts, SwedeTech Motor Mount with choice of clamps, SKUSA Pipe, SwedeTech 12 Inch Silencer, Keihin PWM Carb, K&N Filter, NGK Race Plug, NGK Race (blue) boot, Exhaust springs, SwedeTech J-Arm, SwedeTech Case Saver, SwedeTech Rear Coil Mount, SwedeTech Stator cover.

Complete engine package Ready for your shifter kart! We strongly recommend the purchase of an engine crate for shipping.

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